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About us

The history of the Ośrodek Badawczo-Produkcyjny Politechniki Łódzkiej Ichem sp. z o.o. (Research and Production Center of the Technical University of Lodz) started in 1988 at the Department of Chemistry of the Technical University of Lodz. An experienced assistant professor invited three of his best students to start a joint-venture. Despite tough beginnings and starting from the scratch, Ichem achieved a commercial success.

Today, Ichem is a partner of a worldwide leader in the field of dietary supplements’ production; constantly improves production capacity and invests in innovative equipment.

Ichem has its own Foreign Trade Office, owing to which the company has gained experience in selling  medicines abroad, mainly to Germany, Great Britain, France, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic and Denmark.

Ichem currently employs close more than 110 highly qualified employees who thrive to achieve the company’s goals with passion and commitment.