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NATURHOUSE is a global network of about 2000 centres of nutrition and dietetics. The company was established in Spain in 1992. Currently, it is present in 15 countries all over the world (Andorra, France, Greece, Guatemala, Spain, Honduras, Lithuania, Mexico, Germany, Portugal, USA, Venezuela, Great Britain, Italy and Poland).

The company provides specialized services concerning reduction and control of body weight.

In the NATURHOUSE centres customers can be advised by an expert who will prepare a personalized diet plan allowing to achieve and keep the desired body weight.

Diet experts from NATURHOUSE  check the body built, measure the percentage of body fat and fluids content and then select supplements, available exclusively in the NATURHOUSE shops, helping to lose the body weight safely and efficiently. 


General Terms of Cooperation with the Suppliers

General Terms of Cooperation with the Suppliers of Goods and Services of ICHEM Sp. z o.o (GTD)